Where to obtain online casino license

Jake MyersMarch 4, 2021

Casino licensing: user interests

The reasons why users look at the availability of documents are obvious. A casino with documentation will only have licensed content, that’s one. That is, one that does provide random play and an independent order of prizes. On these slots you won’t be able to screw the payout, because real, not scripted software keeps the proper percentage of payout (RTP), and therefore is honest.

Also, casinos with an online casino license are less likely to have withdrawal problems, and everyone knows it. When an establishment has an online casino license, it means that the licensee has influence on the company, good example of well-licensed slots newest free spins bonuses for play olg casino ios app gambling site for canadians, which means that the user is a priori protected. Having a casino documented means users are able to play official slot machines and not be afraid of wrongful siphoning of money.

So, if your product is an online casino with a license, you won’t run into any unnecessary obstacles. The game must be fair, and honesty will be rewarded with the loyalty of the public.

Direction 1 — Curaçao License

For those who want to develop their gambling site, Curaçao is really the #1 destination. As far back as 2002, this small island began to massively operate in relation to gambling development. And it’s not the first year that the Curaçao economy is largely based on gambling products / software licensing.

The first thing you will need to do is register a company within the country. Once that is done, you can file the appropriate application with the Department of Justice. According to the letter of the local law, you will receive a reply within 6 weeks. A positive response to the application may include a number of additional requirements for the final conclusion of the agreement.

Thus, your company established in Curaçao must have e-Zone status, in order to obtain it you need to collect a number of standard documents. Collection of documents is also required for opening a current account within the state. You will also need a merchant account, through which you will be able to accept payments from your users.

On average, the license of online casinos here will cost 50 thousand dollars. The cost may increase slightly depending on the exact list of documents requested by the Department.

Upon receipt, two fees for accounting services will be required: collection of annual reports and bookkeeping + report writing. These will cost $4,800 and $6,500 respectively.

Destination 2 — Malta

A casino license can also be obtained in Malta. Along with Curaçao, this country shares the laurels in matters of international gambling licensing.

As a member of the British Commonwealth and a member of the European Union, the independent republic of Malta is a major and respected licensee. With questions about opening a casino with a license on the site have been coming here since as early as 2000.

Gambling permits here are divided into classes. The classes are as follows:

  • online casinos,
  • betting services,
  • poker rooms,
  • software hosting.

As in the case of Curaçao, only the owner of the Maltese company can apply for a Malta license. The permit for any class of gambling business is issued for 5 years and is taxable with a fixed maximum annual threshold of €240,000.

The application and initial system audit will cost around €4,000. For the license itself you pay 8.5 thousand. Renew the license for 1.5 thousand euros, plus a compliance audit (up to 3 thousand euros).

Online casino license is falling under the type of thematic license number 1, which is taxed as follows: 4.6 thousand euros for the first half year and 7 thousand for all subsequent ones. And you need to take into account your hosting costs — about 1.2 thousand euros a month.

Direction 3 — Costa Rica

In terms of getting a license, Costa Rica is attractive because at the legislative level, online gambling is not regulated. In fact, once you get a permit, you can provide a priori gambling services on the Internet all over the world without additional audits.

Crucially, with a Costa Rican license you may, in principle, provide gambling services, including in the European and American markets, which are not available to companies licensed in Malta or Curaçao. The only geography not available in this case is Costa Rica itself.

However, the fact that the country is not a signatory to The Hague Convention dictates a more multi-component bureaucracy for those planning to have branches and bank accounts outside of Costa Rica. It takes four weeks to get your casino documents.

Your company, opened in Costa Rica, must be formally employed by local citizens. If we talk about the registration of a turnkey company, the service will cost about 13 thousand euros. This includes office rent and maintenance of the company for 1 year. Renewal will cost 9 thousand.

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