Free classifieds in Shirere

Jake MyersFebruary 18, 2022

Free classifieds in Shirere
Free classifieds in Shirere
Free classifieds in Shirere are usually available through local businesses. You may be able to apply directly, e.g., by searching under the category, “Shire in Ontario”; you may also be able to ask your local police or fire insurance office whether you prefer to pay for or receive a Shire reissue within the city of Ontario.

Note: If you are receiving Shirere’s classified service, don’t expect to see the status at the time of its official release; there is a limited version available; it offers you a separate email address and your first telephone numbers.

For all new and used applications, contact the Shirere Selections office at the following address:

Shirere Selections

15-16 S. Yonge Street




(514) 847-1222

Fax: (+1) 800-823-2560

Fax(+1) 403-897-3668

Email Shirere Selections to:

[email protected]

The Return to Listing website has a much more detailed explanation of your Shirere eligibility.

Other Options

Shirere does not offer personalised, special or non-Shirere related offers, such as personalised or promotional offers,