2013 chevrolet cruze

Jake MyersMay 10, 2022

2013 chevrolet cruze
2013 chevrolet cruze
– evaluate the car
Chevrolet Cruze 2012 / tenure 3 – 5 years
Appearance and interior, rulitsya well, reliable engine.
Weak acceleration, high fuel consumption.
I, like most car owners, was initially bribed by the design of the car. Well, the price, of course. In 2012, I paid a little more than 600 thousand rubles for a 1.8 with a gun. Hatchback body. At the same time, the trunk is super, I drive bikes and various sports equipment there. Everything fits without problems. The engine works fine, but the box is lazy. Well, I’ve gotten used to it. At the same time, the engine eats with a very good appetite. The actual consumption of about 12 liters in the city. But if you do not heat the gas, you can keep within 11. I can’t stop admiring the quality of the paint. For all the time, even on the chips there is no rust. The car seems to be time to sell, but it’s a pity. 2013 chevrolet cruze
Appearance, inside the bomb, the interior is super.
With aggressive acceleration, the engine yells, rather weak suspension, heating system with jambs
Sold his Lancer and thought long and hard about what to buy. Decided to take Cruz. Apparently, a similar sports-boy style played a role. Engine 1.8, automatic, sedan. If you do not set yourself the goal of “doing everyone” at a traffic light, then the dynamics are basically normal. On the track sometimes lacked power. More precisely, there was enough power, but in order to quickly accelerate, you need to listen to such a roar of the engine, mother do not worry. But the road holds the general class. True, if the road is in the pits, the suspension does not always cope. Everything in the cabin is comfortable. Does the heating somehow work at elevated temperatures. Consumption I had an average of between 10 and 11 liters. The box worked fine for all three years, I didn’t do anything special with the car. Sold in two hours. I did not have time to advertise, the buyer immediately arrived. Apparently, the car is still popular.
Chevrolet Cruze 2013 / tenure 3 – 5 years
Rich interior, sporty look, comfortable seats, good trunk.
This is my first foreign car. Sedan, automatic, engine 1.8. Therefore, my feelings for all the time were at the level: super. The salon is cool, the seats hold your back well. On long trips, I almost never got tired. And the road keeps excellent, and the steering wheel is just like a glove. The engine may not be enough, I used to start much faster on Priore, but then I got used to it. In three years, he wound 70 thousand. The engine does not eat oil, runs smoothly. There were no breakdowns. So, on the little things, change the light bulbs, but MOT pass on time. Despite the fact that the car is essentially Korean. Now, when I moved to Octavia, I realized, of course, that Cruz is for beginners and young people. But then he seemed to me the standard.
– A good car, I advise you to take it.
Chevrolet Cruze 2013 / tenure 1 – 3 years