Hyde on cadlopes tokens and NFT on Tezos

Jake MyersMay 24, 2022

Hyde on cadlopes tokens and NFT on Tezos

We talk about different ways to conduct an airdrop on Tezos: using the Kukai wallet, Batch.XTZ.Tool, NFTBIKER BATCH GIVEAWAY and TAQUITO libraries.


Kukai-friendly to users web-wallet.

Firstly, he supports the login through social networks without a mandatory “write down a mnemonic phrase … And now repeat the mnemonic phrase …”.

Secondly, Kukai generates the keys and address of the wallet from the name of the account and allows you to send tokens to the user’s name in social networks. This is useful for conducting airrods among those who have not previously used Tezos or cryptocurrency in general.

Thirdly, Kukai has a built-in transaction batching. To open it, you need to press the button SEND (circle with an arrow) near the desired token, in the sending menu, turn on the switch Advanced And press the button Multiple Transactions.

Then in the field Addresses and Amounts It is necessary to insert the addresses of the recipients and the number of tokens for sending, and then confirm the transaction.

However, the butching does not support the sending of tokens on userneums in social networks, and also does not work with NFT.

But in July, we talked about the airrod fan-Tokens v.HIVE PASS TEAM VITALITY TEAM VITALITY TEMENTS ON THE STSSIAS and KUKAI. KUKAI for a login through social networks uses a network of decentralized storage of private keys Torus Network. Using Torus API, you can get a public address of the wallet from the mail or Twitter Handle, even if the owner of the account has not yet been used by Torus Network.

Airrop in Batch.XTZ.Tools

For conducting an airrod in Batch.XTZ.Tools must specify the address of the token smart contract and download the CSV table with addresses and the number of tokens.

CSV table can be done on Google Sheets. To do this, create a new table and fill it out in the indicated order:

  • address of the recipient;
  • token_id;
  • The number of tokens.

Then you need to press the button on the top panel File → Download → CSV format (.CSV).

The resulting file must be downloaded to Batch.XTZ.Tools by button Upload CSV File. Above the button Send Transaction a list of addresses for sending will appear.

Further – press Send Transaction and confirm the sending of tokens in the wallet.


NFTBIKER BATCH GiveAway works a little differently than Batch.XTZ.Tools: To send it, you need to indicate not the address of the contract, but a link to NFT on the supported marketplace. He will send each address from the list only for one token.

For the airrod, you need to insert NFT URLs, indicate the recipients addresses and click the button Prepare. Then NFTBIKER GiveAway will issue a token contract and CSV table with addresses, token ID and the number of tokens for sending.

If everything is true, you have to click SEND TOKENS and confirm the transaction in the wallet.

Airrop using Taquito

Taquito – Typescript Library for working with Tezos. It has a Batch API, with which you can combine several transactions or calls of smart contracts in one operation.

For Airdrop NFT, you can use the Batch () and WhContractCall () methods from the call point of Transfer.

However, this method is suitable only for those who are more or less familiar with Taquito and are not afraid to write code.


Where and what can be dropped:

  • KUKAI Wallet – interchangeable tokens like TEZ, KUSD, Quipu;
  • Batch.XTZ.Tools-any FA2 tokens;
  • NFTBIKER BATCH GiveAway – only NFT from marketplaces;
  • Taquito – any tokens.

For the NFT drop is best suited.XTZ.Tools and NFTBIKER BATCH GiveAway – they are simple and only require uploading recipients to download.

It is more difficult to drop tokens on nicknames in social networks: you need to deal with Torus API and test whether it converts the data of Twitter or the Reddit account correctly addressed to Tezos.

Taquito is more suitable for creating your own tools for airrodes. However, with it you can experiment http://coin-graph.site/?p=135 and diversify the drops, for example, automatically distribute random tokens from the collection to participants, and, upon completion of the airrod, burn https://gagarin.news/ru/news/legal-action-was-brought-against-binance/ the remaining tokens.

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