Ladies Denim Skirts in

Jake MyersJune 15, 2022

Ladies Denim Skirts in
Ladies Denim Skirts in
Ladies Denim Skirts in St. Louis! What’s the deal? You don’t need to know, my friends — we wear these because their designer is giving it away! And so are you.

We’ve had some fun getting the girls through school, and are doing better at doing so. One girl said to you “I can’t wait till you’re ready this year.” And the other girl laughed. This makes for a quite interesting day at Work.
You’re a fan of the girls in shorts. Can you tell us some of the first time you’ve seen them on the runway?

Well, in the first two years, it was my sister’s first time seeing them wearing shorts. The other girls were a little less thrilled with their dress and it was the younger girls of course — they were also in a little better shape. So I think we had an amazing experience on the runway in those first two years with just these lovely girls and those fantastic trainers.

We loved what we saw and saw what worked together!

So when your husband gave you the job, were you surprised? What made you change your mind?

Well, I guess it would have been a little less stressful. She probably was excited, and it was nice to see what she was up to. So I guess it was very different seeing so many girls in the same outfit.

Why? Because you know, we’re a huge fan of fashion