Xiaomi Mi smart air fryer 3.5L

Jake MyersJune 15, 2022

Where did you listen to it? Yes, Rabinovich sang to me.
Well, of course, otherwise Xiaomi would not be Xiaomi, there is control over WiFi using the Mi Home application. Let’s check. Interestingly, the air does not come out in a straight line, but at a 45-degree downward. By connecting it to the application, you can control it remotely. You can set up more than 30 different combinations of work using the air grill in the Xiaomi smart home system. Complete set Power 1500 W The baking sheet has many holes for air convection and dripping excess fat to the bottom of the basket
At the back there is a grate through which hot air escapes. You can use the air grill in conjunction with various Xiaomi smart devices. Dimensions and weight
It warns of fumes, which are not uncommon when baking in conventional ovens, and the next feature of the device is that the heating element is removed outside the oven and the temperature is reached only by blowing hot air with a fan.
The dripping fat and crumbs falling to the bottom of the basket will no longer burn and smoke, since the temperature at the bottom is the lowest. At first, the range was more than 30C, with further operation, the maximum heating already reaches such figures and is limited to 185-190C and the temperature range is about 20 C. < br /> Control Now, how does the body heat up? Within reason, up to 56C, the hand endures.
Management of the stove deserves all praise. Since the stove heated up at the set 180C, in 2 minutes, and not up to 180C, but up to as much as 203C. This is implemented in a simple way. – when inserting the basket with the corresponding tooth, you need to get into the groove in which the limit switch is installed. Case material plastic Lid without lid Slots are made in the walls of the tray in the form of deflectors directing the air flow clockwise around the basket The circulation of hot air occurs evenly at 360 degrees. Weight: 3.9 kg

Maximum delay time 24 h Weight 3.9 kg
The air coming out of the stove won’t melt anything around either, only 68C, it’s not visible on the display, but it’s true. Cooking temperature control True, when executing custom recipes, the oven for some reason does not ask to turn the product over and fries without stopping to the end, this must be taken into account. Volume: 3.5 l The modes will allow you not to worry about choosing the time for cooking a particular dish. This wheel replaces a whole scattering of touch buttons, which are simply dotted with other similar stoves. The power cord is 105 cm long. Minimum temperature 40 °C Dimensions: 335x252x304 mm When setting 200C, the picture is about the same. The actual temperature initially exceeds the nominal by about 20C. and with further work at 5-10C. The temperature is adjusted in steps of 5 degrees The difference between the minimum and maximum temperature is about 20C … Characteristics Features: display, temperature control from 40 to 200 degrees, timer up to 24 hours. But for me, most of them are very exotic. Temperature control: yes
A removable baking sheet is inserted into the basket, it enters it with an interference, which is created thanks to silicone seals on four sides. It is said on the product page that the subject heats up to the desired temperature in 3 minutes.
The distinguishing element of these ovens, which gave rise to calling them deep fryers, is a retractable basket-tray for the product.
Rigid corrugated cardboard box with beautiful pictures and information giving an idea about the device. Cooking modes frying Control: electronic Timer I heard it is complete nonsense. This must be taken into account when choosing the surface on which the stove will be placed. This feature can be used to dry potatoes and other foods before frying. Width 25.2 cm Now I will start describing the specific model of Mi smart air fryer 3.5L Case It is produced by a multifunctional wheel with a built-in display and an inconspicuous power button located above the wheel. Xiaomi Mi Smart Air Fryer’s seven-layer composite bowl has a two-layer PTFE non-stick coating, which is wear-resistant as well as safe. Maximum temperature 200 °C Apparently, the manufacturer was modest, or I got a stove with a special powerful heating element. Depth 30.4 cm Voltage 220-240 V This is of course remote control, although how can you cook cutlets remotely? This is writing and remembering your cooking parameters, if you are not satisfied with something
At 80C, the temperature changes from 72 to 85C. Basket material metal Smoothly move on to testing. Instruction The air fryer has many built-in cooking modes. Key features , with a capacity of 3.5 liters. Additional features < br />Removable basket Main Features
Further, the stove began to cool and the heating element turned on when the temperature dropped to 167C … Also, an additional option appears in the recipes – preheating the oven. Indication Thanks to a special heat supply technology, you can cook without using oil, getting low-calorie, low-fat meals. By turning and pressing the wheel, you can set the oven parameters manually, or set the main cooking programs – wings, potatoes, steak, shrimp, pie, vegetables, dried fruits.
The stove is immersed in thick foam cradles. Power: 1500 W The box will then go to the role of a cold smoking chamber – it will last a long time. You will not find a recipe for making a simple cutlet, chop, escalope. Legs with anti-slip silicone pads. Display type OLED Height 33.5 cm By style, you can easily guess this brand without even reading the nameplate. Cooking modes Type: air grill

Xiaomi Mi smart air fryer 3.5L

Switch on indication Automatic switching voltage This is about 10 times faster than preheating a conventional oven.
The case is made in a typical Xiaomi minimalist style. Power supply And also set up a cooking schedule and make other settings. When low temperature is selected, the engine speed is 1800 rpm, and when high temperature is 2600 rpm A wide temperature zone from 40 to 200 degrees will allow you to cook not only classic deep-fried dishes, but also use it as a yogurt maker, fruit dryer, microwave and electric oven. Basket volume 3.5 l
When the basket is taken out, the device turns off, and when inserted, it turns on, continuing to work from the interrupted place in the program. Cooking time indicator Digital display

Heating element The body is made of metal inside, polished white plastic outside. The top is flat, along the perimeter there is a gap through which air is sucked into the stove, thanks to the constant influx of cold air, the top does not https://jiji.ng/11-phone-screens/samsung heat up and you can safely put plastic objects on it. First, how the set temperature corresponds to the real one.. Push-button control, rotary, electronic There are also vents on the bottom from which hot air comes out. This allows you to reduce unnecessary drying of the product by air flow. The heating speed is 2 minutes. Power supply Cooking time adjustment What’s the point of doing something if you don’t know what it tastes like? It will turn out like in the old joke – That it’s all the Beatles, the Beatles. Basket coating non-stick Sausages can be blanched without fear that the skin will burst and bouillon edema will appear. There are about a hundred step-by-step recipes in memory. Here, new opportunities open up for the user.