High Quality Oil

Jake MyersJune 27, 2022

High Quality Oil
High Quality Oil
High Quality Oil and Precious Metals – The First Time you Buy A Refinery You Will Like!

From Refinery to Model of the Year

Check Out This 1,100-Year-Old History Of Fossil Fuel Production & Development

Fossil Fuel Production As Founding in North America – The Great Petroleum Purge

Fossil Fuel’s Return on Investment

In May 2012, U.S. energy prices had been hovering around $100 less than before. In fact, that same month, Brent crude oil reached a low of $87 a barrel. The Brent oil market was the last great global bull market of 2008. The U.S. government allowed oil supply to decrease when prices rose until the end of 2009 while the U.S. government allowed supply to spike after Obama took office. Over that same span, U.S. reserves for oil were nearly $20 billion (as of July 2010) less than when U.S. oil began its rise. U.S. inventories, such as those in 2010 since 2004, were at their highest level in over ten years. As U.S. inventories reached historic heights, U.S. energy producers were able to obtain enough supplies that they could begin the most massive reduction in the price of fossil fuels that since the 1930s has occurred. In fact, as the “peak oil” had been