NASDAQ Called the Main Trend for the Metavselnaya in 2023

Jake MyersJanuary 4, 2023

Nasdaq called the main trend for the metavselnaya in 2023

The rapid development of the trend of metavselnaya will most likely cause boom for startup providers of infrastructure among investors in 2023. This conclusion was reached by the managing partner of True Global Ventures Kelly Chu.

In the author’s column of the Nasdaq American Stock Exchange, Chu said that next year the attention of investors will be focused on the recognition of emotions with the help of artificial intelligence, as well as virtual reality robots in virtual reality. He also believes that at the beginning of 2023 we can expect a wave of investment rounds among startups with a focus on metavselnaya. However, Chu admits that such a scenario is possible only on condition that the “cryptocurrency winter” by that time will be already passing.

Also in 2023, investors can aim at the developers of Web3-IGR. Here we will talk about those market players who can survive the current crisis, the head of the venture company notes.

According to published statistics, the giant of the industry by a large margin remains Animoca Brands, which in 2022 invested more than $ 500 million in the metavseli. Lootmogul (more than $ 200 million) is in second place, and IMProbable closed with investments of $ 99.4 million with the three.

According to Simon Powell, a representative of the American Jefferies Bank, now more and more companies are interested in developing their own metavselnaya. This will ultimately require more processors, much larger computing power and wearable devices, which will cause a wave of demand for equipment comparable to the first years of the appearance of smartphones.

Damian Tong, Technical Analyst Macquarie in Tokyo, notes that a significant increase in prices for shares of NVIDIA chips from the United States and Taiwan Semiconductor manufacturing Co indicates that metavselnaya and demand for computing power and cloud storages are already high.

The excitement around the metavselny has already displayed in financial markets. According to MorningStar, since June 2021, a total of 35 exchange funds with a focus on meta -combatants have been registered in total. For comparison, only 29 pieces were created for the Internet. Funds with an emphasis on blockchain even less – 23 pieces.

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