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Castle Town Dandelion: 1x3

I Want to Become Popular / First Errand / Idol Activities

Akane is chosen to grocery shopping, and Hikari volunteers to go with her. While Akane tries to evade surveillance cameras, Hikari uses her power to age into a woman in order to save a stray cat stuck on a tree. However, this results in her clothes not fitting, and she turns Akane into a child so they can switch clothes. The cat rescued by Hikari is then adopted and named Borscht by the Sakurada family. The next week in the second part, Teru volunteers himself to take over Akane’s grocery shopping duties, and Shiori decides to accompany him out of worry that he will get himself into trouble. During the entire trip, Shiori repeatedly uses her power to resolve problems she and Teru come across.

Castle Town Dandelion: 1×3
Jul. 17, 2015