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Castle Town Dandelion: 1x6

The Election and Me / My Big Sister is Sentimental

During the first part, the Sakurada siblings are busy with their election campaigns and the plot moves to Kanade, whom reveals her intention to become the king: long ago, she brought Akane and Shu to play at a park in their childhood. When she materialized a castle for Akane to play in, it crumbled and injured both Shu and Akane. Shu was the one that mostly affected and it severed his leg (even Kanade’s ability proven futile), simultaneously crushing his dream to become a soccer player. Due to this, she wants to become a king in order to advance the medical systems and corrects her past mistake on Shu. Meanwhile Haruka sees an improvement in his siblings, even seeing Misaki for the first time trying to campaigning for herself. In the second part, after visiting the kindergarten, Kanade sees Aoi as a rival to her and asks Aoi about her true power. Aoi’s true power, Absolute Order allows her to command anyone to her liking but she stops using it out of fear being unfit as a king, as well as having little control over it. While returning home, Aoi believes that she has several friends because of her royalty status but Akane denies such fact, having known their true relationship.

Castle Town Dandelion: 1×6
Aug. 07, 2015