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El Hazard: The Wanderers: 1x24


Jinnai bursts almost before fury over the escaping of its prisoners. Yet then somewhat yet diabolicer fells it on: together with Ifurita entert it the eye of God. The Roshitaria-people notice quickly, that there what does not agree for the satellite changes its course and begins therewith to influence on devastating manner on el Hazard. Only Makoto and rune (jointly) could penetrate into it and could delay it, but rune is yet far away, also if Afura hurries itself very. Now Jinnai lets penetrate a gigantic Bugroom-army in Roshitaria. But at least therewith our heros can become on conventional manner finished. Shayla Shayla and Miz Mishtal pull loose in order to bring plumb the nature powers advised except inspection again in that, and Fujisawa begins against the Bugroom-army.

Mar. 15, 1996