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El Hazard: The Wanderers: 1x5

The Shrine of Wind

Makoto, Fujisawa and Alielle one are underway to the wind-shrine of Afura. Already of far, they see the many wind wheels, out of which Afura current or otherwise what wins. In the moment, it is busied just with a new construction project for its library and holds Makoto & Co. for the requested workmen – what they naturally are not. Afura is reserved rather, takes however Makotos offer on to construct the library. To be sure Fujisawa constructs instead of its one Alm-cottage. Afura is geschockt, but it permits Makoto a second attempt. It must carry out that however with Alielle alone, has let itself because Fujisawa amply. The building is final almost finished, but it must fell yet into the city in order to buy material, and with Alielle on the return under robber. With some tricks and the aid Afuras, that controls the power of the wind, the story comes however yet yet to a good end. Only – they do not find a return into its world also in Afuras books.

Nov. 03, 1995