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El Hazard: The Wanderers: 1x6

A Game of Chance and Fire

Makoto, Alielle and Fujisawa must cross on the way to the temple of the fire a desert. Yet they create it. Shortly before the temple, they see a running carpet – the priest Shayla Shayla, that lost just its shrine, its dresses and otherwise all, what possesses it, in the Patan-game at Jinnai, and now naked, only into an old carpet wrapped, go must home. Makoto plans to recover the shrine and demand Jinnai. Yet if it loses, it will be for always Jinnais slave. Jinnai wants to enjoy its expected triumph in full trains and arranges the game in a gigantic stadium. Yet naturally it only can win in that it cheats. And there that not so correctly klappt, gives it its Bugrooms rather noticeable directions so that Shayla, Alielle come and Fujisawa behind it. Shayla reckons with the Bugrooms from – there it the power of the fire controlled, becomes it for the insects and Jinnai rather hot. Moreover the Makoto is very grateful for that, what it risked for it. To be sure Makoto finds no

Nov. 10, 1995