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Ruin Explorers – Fam & Ihrie: 1x2

Oh, Spirits that Reside in the Air!

Later, Ihrie scolds Fam for being so slow at memorizing new spells, which causes Fam to run away on her own. She encounters Lyle in the woods, and falls deeply in love with him. Lyle is also looking for the Ultimate Power, and the two partner up to find the rest of the treasures. Eventually Fam, Lyle, Ihrie, Miguel, Rasha and Galuff all end up at a ruined city; the location of the Sword of Sargus. However, there they run into Ruguduroll, who taunts Lyle and proves invulnerable to both swords and magic before vanishing, leaving the sword behind. Lyle reveals that Ruguduroll was once a priest in his homeland, but was corrupted by magic and destroyed the entire kingdom, along with Lyle’s fiancee, Meria. This is why Lyle wants the Ultimate Power; for revenge.

Aug. 25, 1995