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Ruin Explorers – Fam & Ihrie: 1x3

Let the Light of Admonishment Shine Upon the Fools

As Ihrie tries to grab the Sword of Sargus, it is revealed that the spirit inside it, Sargus, only lets people who are without materialistic wishes touch it. As such, Fam is the only person in the group allowed to touch the sword, and her wish is to help Lyle on his quest. As Fam is determined to help the prince, Ihrie decides to come with them, and since Rasha has fallen in love with Lyle as well (causing rivalry between her and Fam), she follows them as well and forces Miguel along. With Galuff in tow, the group goes to find the Mirror of Truth. This quest does not go on for long, however, as Ruguduroll finds it first, then attacks the group and steals the Proof of Royalty and Sword of Sargus. At the same time, it is revealed that Ihrie’s magic is the same type as Ruguduroll’s, and therefore she can harm him.

Nov. 25, 1995