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Ruin Explorers – Fam & Ihrie: 1x4

The Skies, the Sea and the Woods

Ruguduroll is unable to get the Ultimate Power, as the sword belongs to Lyle as per Fam’s wishes, and Sargus refuses Ruguduroll’s wishes. The group make their way to Ruguduroll’s castle, and on their way they find a magical stone where his memories are inscribed. Tapping into it, they see that Ruguduroll was corrupted by all the poverty and misery in the land that went unseen by the royal family. He wanted the power to stop it, and accessed the powerful magic hidden by the king. The group break into his castle, and Fam and Ihrie manage to hold him back with their magic as Lyle attacks him with the reclaimed Sword of Sargus. Ruguduroll is killed, and Lyle begins rebuilding his kingdom as Fam says goodbye and runs to Ihrie.

Feb. 25, 1996