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Slayers: 1x2

Bad! Mummy Men Aren't My Type!

A guy wrapped in bandages, and another creepy looking guy looks over the town that Lina destroyed using the “”Dragon Slave”” spell. The bandage guy reminisce on how he became that way, when Lina stole and attacked those Dragon Fangs. The creepy looking guy tells the other bandage guy to hurry up to retrieve the “”item”” that Lina stole. Lina and Gourry managed to run away from the angry villagers, and arrives in another town. Lina stops by a magic shop but doesn’t go in. She tells Gourry to wait for him, while she runs off. Lina starts to sort out her treasures which includes gems, old coints, an enchanted knife, and rare Orihalcon statue. With the gems, Lina proceeds to make several magical amulets. She returns to the shop where she proceeds to sell the items. When the shopkeeper looks at the knife, he is put under a spell. He goes violent on them, and throws the counter at the door, preventing them to escape. They take it outside, where Lina and Gourry debate on how to defeat th

Slayers: 1×2
Apr. 14, 1995