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Slayers: 1x4

Dash! Run for it! My Magic Doesn't Work?

While heading for Atlas City, Lina tells Gourry to stick close to her durning a battle (if any) because she has lost her power for two or three days. She doesn’t say how, but Gourry thinks it has to do with the fact that it’s “”the time of the month.”” Suddenly Zelgadis and his minions appears out of nowhere, and challeges them. Dilgear, a werewolf, says how they need to take the Orihalcon statue from them, but Zelgadis gives him the glare to shut up. Lina runs away while Gourry fights with Rodimus (the old man who attacked her last episode), and Dilgear. Zelgadis corners Lina, and she manages to stun him with a light spell to his eyes. She runs away to a dead end where she is just surrounded by water. Zelgadis is right behind her, and Lina tries to use her Flare Arrow, but it goes limp before reaching him. Lina runs away, but Zelgadis uses a Shadow Snap, preventing Lina to move. Zelgadis then hits Lina with a Mono Bolt, that made her unconsicious… Will Lina wake up in time?

Slayers: 1×4
Apr. 28, 1995