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The 8th Son? Are You Kidding Me?: 1x10

Toxic? Are You Kidding Me?!

Brantack explains to Wendelin’s father, Sir Artur, that the deceased expedition army, which Alfred Rainford was part of, are now zombies. As the zombies are on their land, Artur is entitled to 30% of any profit gained from the zombies’ materials. Kurt greedily demands 50% and tries to insist the zombies and their belongings be left in the forest instead of being given proper funerals. Wendelin realises Kurt is hated by the servants and villagers, who would prefer Wendelin inherit the lordship. Wendelin and his friends purify the zombies, including Duke Bleichroder’s father and even the lich grandfather of Marlene, the wife of Wendelin’s brother Herrman. Wendelin assures her grandfather Marlene has a happy life so he gratefully allows Wendelin to purify him. Wendelin returns the armour of the villager’s relatives to them for funerals. Kurt demands the armour be melted down and reused so Wendelin provides new iron so the villagers can keep the armour, though this only angers Kurt.

The 8th Son? Are You Kidding Me?: 1×10
The 8th Son? Are You Kidding Me?: 1×10
The 8th Son? Are You Kidding Me?: 1×10
Jun. 04, 2020